Tuition for lessons at Center Stage is an annual fee, which is divided into monthly installments.  This fee is determined by the number of hours a student takes per week.   Tuition is figured for lessons for the month of August through June.  Most months students get four lessons during the month.  Some months they receive three and other months they receive five.  Tuition always remains the same each month.  In June, students will double up to get their four lessons for the month during the first two weeks of June before the recital.  If a student does miss the class they are registered for, the tuition rate remains the same.  

There are three options for monthly tuition payments at Center Stage.  Once you are set up before your classes begin, there's nothing to do each month.  You are ready to go for the year.  The first option, Center Stage will automatically debit your checking/savings account automatically on the 15th of each month.  The second option, if you decide to pay for the entire year in one payment, we will give you a gift certificate to the Dancer's Loft equal to one month of your tuition value to say thanks!  Your third option, you may also write checks for your monthly tuition at the beginnning of the year for each month for the year.  Writing a check for August 15th, September 15th, October 15th and so on.  Your chiecks will be put in your child's file and pulled out on the 15th of each month accordingly.  Once your file is setup, your account is ready for the entire year - - - stress free.  

To encourage the enrollment of more than one student per family and to encourage students to take more than one class per week, a discount is given at Center Stage.  As the number of hours per week increases, the overall hourly rate decreases.  Family discounts are given for more than one child enrolled.  The discount is figured upon the amount of hours each child is receiving per child per week.  Most times the second or third child receives as much as a $10 per month discount.  For family discounts please inquire at the studio.

There is a $20 service charge for returned checks.

Number of Hours                                         Tuition 
               (per week)                                            (per month)      
30 minutes                                                 $45
45 minutes - 1 hour                                    $55
1.5 hours                                                    $65
2 hours                                                       $75
                                                                            2.5 hours                                                    $85

If taking more than 2.5 hours per week, quotes for tuition are available by phone or email.  

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